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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

House of Hugs Cleaning

I've been doing a little clean up on my blog here. I had a lot of posts with embedded videos. I embedded many of these videos from a now defunct Ourfilmspace. I went through and updated these with embed code from Vimeo. And yes, the new Vimeo code makes the videos appear past the right margins which of course is not pretty to look at. I could look into the margins but well, there's only so much you can do in between calls for Mom. Oh wait -- another edit. Make that "Mom!"

I also deleted a few posts that had hardly any content but linking to videos that aren't there anymore.

I did something.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First there was Jimmy's House of Hugs

Last week my father gave me a copy of an article (by Stephanie Armour) from the Wall Street Journal about snuggling businesses taking off throughout the country.

The last few years I've seen a lot more news on this new cuddling industry. It should light a fire under me to keep working on my Jimmy's House of Hugs scripts. I have expanded the idea, even past the play that I wrote, but I have put those scripts on hold because I've had other stories in my mind writing themselves more readily.

But whenever I see something about a hugging business, I want to say, "Hey, I thought of it years ago!" It's not that I think I own the idea.  I know fully well that other people have imaginations and can conceive this idea without having been exposed to anything that has anything to do with me.  (Though it's not impossible that one of these people saw the film, either. It did play in Portland, OR  -- at the 2005 Faux Film Festival -- where one of the first businesses popped up several years ago.)

But I do own Jimmy's House of Hugs.  I hope to see you there.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Linked In

Just a note to anyone who sends me an invitation on Linked In:  I accept invitations from only those I can vouch for (even in a small way) either personally or professionally.  This does not mean that I don't want to network with you.  It's just that it's important to me to keep my Linked In connections as what they're intended to be -- people I've been connected with through work or school or in my personal life.

If we don't know each other and you want to network with me, you are welcome to friend me on facebook,  I use this account specifically for film industry stuff, nothing really personal, so I will friend just about anyone.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Pen Lost on Vimeo

I have finally released Little Pen Lost online.  I'm having problems with the embed code on my website so I wanted to put it here to make it easier to find.

I hope you'll watch it, and if you feel like it, give it a rating on IMDB.  Thank you!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Little Lost

Poster by Rose Kowalski

I've been working on a post about the making of "Little Pen Lost" and have been feeling kind of "eh" about it.  It's not that I don't have anything to say and not that I didn't enjoy the experience or love working with everyone.  But it's not like I feel like I really made a filmy-film.  I felt like I wrote and filmed a skit with really talented actors in it.  It serves well as a showcase for them.

The exception to the talented actors would be myself.  I had to act in it, because of a last minute drop out.  I think highly of the work Alison Wachtler, Zele Avradopoulos and Julio Robles in this film but but my comments above had nothing to do with my own acting.

Oh, and there's other kind of talent showcased in the film as well (music, cinematography and something else).  The only issues I have with anything around it is myself.

Actually, it isn't even the film -- it's where I am creatively.  Before doing the film I was working on a lot of scripts, many featurette to feature length.  I was feeling good about finishing some drafts and felt that I needed to keep working on those.  I was concerned that if I filmed something it would keep me away from writing.

I was right.  I haven't been able to do get back into writing that much.  But I'm still glad I did the film.   Really.  I needed that experience because if I get back into making longer films again (and by longer I mean 15 minutes even) I'm not going to feel good with 2007 being the last time I did any kind of real film production.  It just feels better to have done something more recently and to have worked on my directing skills.

So I did the film and it's gotten in some festivals (and won an award, too).  I'm really happy about that.  And in a way it's nice to feel like I did what I wanted to do with it and soon I'll put it online.  But I think it's thrown me for a loop with writing.  Or maybe I was entering that loop anyway and I needed the film to keep me creative.  Either way, I'm still in a weird place with my other scripts, not sure what to focus on.

I think I'm feeling "eh" about this post, too.  But I'll publish it.  (You can see I did.)  I'm just recording where I am.  At some point I hope my recorder tunes back towards a creative stream.  And maybe writing this will help me to.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Two Festival Acceptances...

...and only one of them is for Little Pen Lost, which was accepted to the Flathead Lake International Cinemafest in Polson, MT and will screen on Sunday, January 26th at the 12:30pm screening.  I'm happy about any festival acceptance but I'm always a little extra excited when it's to a festival to which I have had absolutely no connection whatsoever, meaning I know they didn't feel any particular tug to include the film because they've screened another film of mine, or I'm a local, etc.

I'm actually not submitting Little Pen Lost to many more festivals, because of the money and time it involves.  I'd rather put my energy into my writing, or even possibly filming another short, than exhaust myself in pushing a film that was just a little exercise to reactivate my dormant filmmaking muscles.  I feel a little weird saying this as someone may take it as demeaning to the talent involved.  I have nothing but respect for my talented cast and crew -- thanks to them the film is getting in festivals.  But I do think that this piece serves better as a showcase for the actors than as a film itself.  It's really more of a filmed skit than a film.  I think it's cute and entertaining, otherwise I wouldn't send it anywhere at all.  I wouldn't plan to put it online if I didn't think it was good.  But I feel if I were to push it much more would be like dwelling on the past.  And that's why I'm more excited about the other festival acceptance...

...which is for my short (30 page) screenplay, Susan and the Company Picnic.  It is an official selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival, which takes place on January 30th and 31st in Houston, TX.

The original script was a finalist in the 2011 Broad Humor Film Festival but I made changes since then and thought I might as well send it in to another screenplay competition.  I was really happy to have Susan be one of six nominated short screenplays (out of 44) and in a way it's more exciting for me because it points towards the future, making me think this screenplay is truly worthy of being filmed.  We're not in a place to do it yet, but it's nice to have something to make you look forward.

So thank you, Flathead Lake International Cinemafest and Houston Comedy Film Festival.  I'm honored that you selected my work (well, I mean "our work" when it comes to Little Pen Lost).

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Little Pen Wins Invitational Challenge

Little Pen Lost premiered at the Broad Humor Film Festival last Saturday, September 21st.   I was happy just to get a film done in time for the festival and happy that it was acknowledged in the world as a legitimate 5 minute film.

I feel I should apologize for saying that I didn't expect it to win an award.  (Doesn't everyone who wins an award say that?)  But I really wasn't thinking about it until I found myself scrolling down the awards list last week and at the very bottom there it was -- Little Pen Lost.

I know this doesn't make me special or a genius or anything, but it's nice to feel that something you did (along with many other talented people who deserve better than to be between parentheses) was recognized as good enough to win something.

Thank you, Broad Humor Film Festival, for the award, and for always inspiring me to do more.  Special thanks to Susan di Rende, the festival director, and Michelle Clay, who had to deal with our film getting to her at such a late hour.

And thank you again to all the people I mentioned in the post below, and also Lauren Duffy (who contributed greatly to two of the characters before production) and Jeremy Ward for doing such a perfect musical score.

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