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Friday, April 27, 2007

Keith Found

We found Keith Wednesday night deep into a corner of the basement. Jeremy coaxed him out with a can of tuna. Only tuna can help him overcome fear.

OK, the picture above is not from our current apartment but from the one in LA. We recently bought a scanner and I'm still very much infatuated with it so when I found this picture I thought I'd scan it in. I like this photo except for all the plastic bags in it. I just loved the view from the kitchen window when that tree was still there. (The landlord had it chopped down one day and boy we were upset.) That tree also had given us a lot of bedroom privacy. The air conditioner you see is in our bedroom window. The apartment was shaped like a backwards L. I liked that the bedroom was down the hall around the corner. (I love nooks and crannies.) Did I ever mention in previous posts how they had used our apartment complex for Six Feet Under? They had filmed mostly in one of the bungalows out front. They ended up building a set that looked like our Spanish style complex so they wouldn't have to keep coming back all the time. That had also shot a pilot for LA Confidential with Kiefer Sutherland (before 24, of course) but that never aired.

OK, I am missing California these days. It was 8 years of my life after all. Though we're doing better here. Keith, too, is doing better. He was always flea infested there. Now he's clean and flea and worm free. As for me, I breathe much better here. I had my deviated septum fixed while living in LA (it was laser surgery -- I kind of wish it was the old fashioned method so I could have an excuse to have my nose fixed) but it didn't make much different because my nose was usually clogged up with stuff anyway. It wasn't until living back here for a few months (and getting all that LA junk out of my system) that I noticed that I could take several deep breaths through my nose.

Anyway, it's a nice day. I have my putty.

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