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Friday, June 08, 2007

A Couple of Plugs

Jeremy Ward and John McNeeley recorded the song, "Leave Me Alone", for I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich last week. Jeremy mixed the song and has put it up on his and John's Myspace page for Suitcase Poets. Check it out!

Also, my friend and fellow filmmaker, Bill Millios, has put up an older short of his, Bottled Words (1995) on YouTube. It's about a bungling bunch of criminals who rob a nursing home. I first saw it maybe 10 years ago and thought it was very clever. Watching it again now, I just appreciate watching something silent on real black and white film. Bill's known for his dialogue in his features, but he still knows how to tell a story without it.

He had to separate the film into two parts -- click on the links to watch:

Bottled Words: Part 1 Part 2

You can also watch the film on his blog.


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