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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Moving On

OK, I've been pining away for LA quite a bit here, so I want to say that, yes, I'm moving on.

Why the picture of a golden retriever above? Why not? You can't go wrong with a golden. This golden is my parents' dog, Maggie, who just turned 6 on the 23rd. (So she's on the Leo/Virgo cusp.) I know she looks upset but, really, she's OK. I took this picture last Sunday when the weather didn't know what it wanted to do. Maggie was worried because the barometric pressure was dropping, meaning possible rain and thunder.

I mainly put it up because I like to have photos with my posts. I like to have a picture to draw people in. I guess it makes sense since I do make movies, which is what this whole blog is supposed to be about.

Speaking of movies, things have been going well with I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich. It screened at an event in Durham, NC a couple of weeks ago and then just this past weekend at the Broad Humor Film Festival in Venice, CA. You know, LA. Ahhh, LA.

Yes, moving on! Well, I couldn't attend either screening but my spies told me that they went very well, promoting chuckles, giggles and guffaws from the audiences. Hey, really I just want to entertain folks.

I do have more to talk about, regarding my films and festivals, music from Suitcase Poets, and updates regarding my filmmaker friend, Bill Millios, who is always so awesome to mention what's going on with both Jeremy's music and my films on his blog. I've been meaning for about a month to post a bunch more plugs and I'm sorry to my peers for being so sluggish in this area.

Well, here's a quick one. Jim McCrackin posted a couple of his shorts on his blog. Check it out!

Really this post is for me to just check in and put something new on this page. Plus I suppose I didn't want to let August go by without writing something.

I'll write more later. In the meantime, thanks for checking in.

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