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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ken & Rose's '86 Prom Pic

Following up on my post on Ken's big birthday, I just had to add another picture from the prom. Here's Ken with his date, my beloved friend Rose, whose 30-10 B-Day is coming up very soon...


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ken, Happy 30-10

Ken (with Carolyne Gallo) in March of 2006 while filming my last short.

I met Ken nearly 25 years ago at the end of our freshman year at Arlington High School. We were both in the chorus for Annie Get Your Gun. (Ken can sing. I can't. I was in it only because I was called back for one of the little kid roles -- I was actually quite short back then -- and everyone who was called back got automatically placed in the chorus. Needless to say, it was the last musical I was ever in. I really can't sing.)

We didn't really become friends, though until sophomore year when he sat behind me in English class. This is my point of view when I turned around:

I sat in the front row and Ken would push my desk up towards our teacher and I would feel quite horrified. Though, she didn't seem to notice anyway. She also didn't notice the kid who climbed out of the window to go to Stop and Shop to get some candy, either. (I believe he came back in through the window, too.)

I basically joined Ken's blonde harum of friends (which actually included one brunette).

I became such a fan of Ken that I even threw him a wild 16th birthday party.

See -- party hats and everything. Not just party hats but GARFIELD party hats.

I think there were maybe 9 of us at that party. It was held in my basement and we had all the Doritoes and M&Ms any teenager could want. Oh, yes, and mini-hot dogs.

There are so many other high school pictures of I have of Ken, but I'm treading on thin ice here posting any of them. But let's at least include a classic one of Ken and me at the senior prom in May, 1986.

After high school, I was awarded custody of Ken. We worked together at Stop & Shop.
Ken would visit me at college. Below is a picture of Ken and me in my dorm room at Skidmore in the fall of 1986. (Skidmore dorms have awesome window seats -- it was one of the major selling points for me.)
Notice Ken's suspenders. He looks like someone out of a John Hughes film...

Ken became part of my whole family. It was in the summer of '86 when he was officially bestowed the title of "Uncle Kenny" to my younger brothers who were 14 and 11.

He was welcomed into my family's home. He was invited to all our family parties. Ken gave us so many good time and fun memories. In return --

We gave him love.

We gave him gifts.

We gave him Gouda.

(That picture above was taken in late '92 or early '93.)

In 1996 I moved to New York City. Two years later I moved to Los Angeles. I'd come home twice a year and he'd come out to visit me.

This is Ken and me in 1998, I believe. We were recreating our Skidmore picture. The reason it's so spotty is that it was one of pictures I had on my kitchen wall in LA and it picked up some dust and grease over it's 8 years there. I don't even like the way I look in it and I'm not sure if Ken like it of him, ether, but I like it because it's of the both of us.

I know Ken probably doesn't like a few of these pictures here. Some certainly aren't flattering. (But I've posted some bad ones of me, too, in this blog, so I'm equal opportunity on that.) And, Ken has gotten better with age.

That's Ken with my younger brothers, Stephen and Michael. (Stephen was in his JC period there.)

As mentioned in previous posts, I moved back to Massachusetts in August, 2006. Last winter, when I wanted to do another short, I just had to have Ken in it. He had just one line, but he sold it. Perhaps there are more roles ahead for Ken? I hope the future has many wonderful things in store for Ken.

But back to the present ---

Ken, I wish I could give you this for your birthday.

Ken is the one special person with whom I've been to Walt Disney World AND Disneyland (twice). We've had dreams of going back together. I was actually hoping I'd have the money to do a special birthday trip with him, but, well, things have been quite tight.

Ken, Happy, Happy Birthday. I didn't have the money to get you anything. So I made you this post. I just hope that you're still friends with me after this...

I'm so happy to have you as my friend, Ken. After all, you're my back-up husband. So if circumstances lead us there, I'll see you at the altar when we're 70...

Much love,

"Julikins" (or should it be, "Juli-KENs?)


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