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Sunday, March 23, 2008

6 Frame Film

It was a year ago today that we were filming I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich.

My filmmaker bug is scratching. I'm bothered I haven't done another film since.

Well, I did kind of do another film last summer -- a six frame film of my nephew, Brian, eating his ice cream. I'll play it for you right here. I'll call it I Just Want to Eat My Ice Cream.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

To shut up and eat... I mean, write

Rachael Lillis and Bill McNally "toasting" their sandwiches
on the set of I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich.

It's been a good week. It was off to a rough start when crazy ex-landlord (I'll call him "K") called Jeremy (my hero) and complained that there was still a Google search result linking his name to my former blog post about him. The post no longer appeared but he was upset it even still existed in the search results. So, Jeremy, politely stuffed K's face with a sandwich, well, figuratively, and then figured out how to remove it so he'd leave us alone. (Oooh, like the theme song from Sandwich, "Leave Me Alone".)

Then, on Wednesday I got an early festival acceptance to the Ohio Independent Film Festival (in Cleveland) in May for I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich. It was also accepted as one of ten short films for an early promotional screening at the Twinsburg Library that very evening. I actually got the notice just a couple of hours before the screening began.

After a string of festival rejections lately, that brightened my day. But, even better, I heard from my screenwriting professor from LA City College. I had sent him Sandwich along with a compilation DVD of my other shorts (most of which he had seen). It made me a little nervous because he is nothing but honest (and I learned a ton from him). Here's some of what he said:

"Stempel, Thomas R"> wrote:
You may not believe this, but I finally got around to looking at the films on your DVD. Some I did not watch, because I know them very well, such as Eddie’s Winning Date, but I did look at some of the classics.
I have to say that in spite of your quibbles about I Just Want to Eat my Sandwich, I think it is the best film you have done. It is sharp and funny and while you are right that the pacing could be quicker, it works the way it is.
He then went on and gave high marks to the acting, which made me happy since people doubt you can get great actors outside of New York and Los Angeles. He said that this film should be my calling card and when would I do my feature?

Oh, and my quibbles about Sandwich had all to do with the pacing (all my fault) and our lack of equipment to make it look and sound as we wish we could have. (Just in case you cast and crew are reading this -- my quibbles are all me. You guys were all wonderful.)

So I then responded with a long email talking about how I got my cast and all. I shared some interesting tidbits on that. Then I said that I really needed to get settled and find more time to write, blah, blah, blah.

The reply to my long rambling email was this:

"Stempel, Thomas R"> wrote:
Shut up and write your script.

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