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Thursday, May 22, 2008

While Maggie sleeps..

.I thought I'd write up some news and some plugs. (Pictured above is Maggie, my parents' golden. If you've read my posts before, then you may know that I just always like to have a picture, and as I've said before, when you don't know what picture to post, a photo of a golden retriever will ALWAYS do!)

Now for the news:

First, today I found out that one of my fellow bridesmaids from
My Best Friend's Girl, Seba Johnson, was in a ski accident two months ago, breaking her pelvis in 3 places. I first met Seba a little over a year ago when doing extra work on a Foxwoods Casino commercial. We then worked together on other films, most recently on The Box last December. I've always been happy to see Seba, because I know that I'm with a friend.

Seba is a ray of light on any set. I was shocked to discover she was so badly hurt. But she has a strong spirit and is doing well. It will take her months before she can walk on her own again but is making progress and holding up with such determination and grace.

You may be interested to hear that Seba is not only an up and coming actress, but she also is an Olympic skier and an animal rights activist. Here is an excerpt from her
Now and again, to this day, Seba is recognized by celebrities and fans who followed her ski racing career when she made history as the "Youngest Alpine Ski Racer in Olympic History" - a title she holds to this day (along with "The First and Only Black Female Ski Racer in Olympic History.")
But I feel my post can't do her enough justice. Please check out her site, if not for her, for you. I was really touched and inspired by the update she posted just a few days ago. There is also an address to donate money for Seba's medical bills. And I know Seba truly appreciates being in people's thoughts and prayers. She is a woman always counting her blessings. She'd love to have you sign her guestbook.

P.S. She has no idea I'm writing this. I just felt shaken when I found out about her accident today. I emailed her and she quickly emailed me back. I just wanted to do a little something for her.

More news -- Dan Masucci's film,
Letting Go, is now up the Mini Movie Channel. It's a four minute film about a boy deciding he's old enough to give up his "blanky". There is so much packed in this short film. My parents and I saw it at the Plymouth Independent Film Festival last year and my mother cried. We saw it again at the Marblehead Winter Film Festival and my mother cried again. (Thanks, Dan -- making my mother cry twice!) Dan and his brother, Joe, make beautifully shot and wonderfully told stories on film. Please check out their site, and check out Letting Go!

Also, it's not just on the web, but Letting Go will be released on DVD through Spiritual Cinema Circle. Spiritual Cinema Circle provides audiences with inspiring films for your heart and soul. If you join, they'll send you a DVD every month with four films, usually some combination of shorts and features, both narrative and documentaries. Congratulations to Dad on his success with Letting Go and look out for his most recent short, Against the Wind!

Lastly, I just got news today that
I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich and Happy at Home were accepted to the Washougal International Film Festival in Washougal, WA. I don't usually post all my festival news here -- I do that on my website and myspace. I wanted to mention this because it is Happy at Home's first festival acceptance. I haven't sent it to many festivals -- I've been saving my money and energy for Sandwich, but I have sent to a few and have been eagerly awaiting for a premiere for Happy. It's just really nice that it not only got accepted but it got an EARLY acceptance, as the festival is still taking submissions for a couple of more months. So that means they really like these films. :)

OK, I'm a little tired from all this typing. Maybe I'll join Maggie..

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mamma's Day Meditation

This is a still from the last film I was in a couple of months ago,
"Both Alike in Dignity" by BU grad student, Ross Anderson.
(Ross, I hope you don't mind my using this!)

This is another one of those posts in which I have no idea what to say. I'm writing for kind of meditative purposes right now.

I did a BU grad film a couple of months ago and this past Thursday evening I went to the screening. I decided that however I looked, however bad I thought my acting was, that I was going to be okay with it. When I act in a film I want to do a great job, but I'm very aware that I'm better playing some roles than others, and my persona has only a certain range even if I can say lines with the appropriate feeling. I suppose casting and directing films has made me extra aware of that. It has allowed me to step outside of myself (somewhat) when I watch myself on film.

I thought I definitely could have been better in the film but that overall I was okay. And I'm okay with thinking that. It's kind of a relief to be like that now, but I think that my sensitivities by have just simply transferred themselves to the other side of the camera.

So I left the screening with my DVD in hand, anxiety free from watching me-self, enjoying the warm night as I headed back to my car amidst all the students. It felt good to make the trip to Comm Ave. Though, it didn't seem long ago when all these people were my age. Now I'm a whole generation older... and the Taco Bell, which had been there for at least a generation itself, and that I frequented the evening I was acting in this film, had just disappeared. Damn. They had Wild Cherry Pepsi, too.

Eh, I probably outgrew the Taco Bell. It seemed a bit run down when I was in it two months before.

I was at my aunt and uncle's this evening for a Mother's Day celebration. I was talking with my cousin and her fiance about how you can drive yourself crazy comparing yourself to others but it's still a very natural thing for us to do. We're all trying to figure out where we're supposed to be and we look to see what others are doing for some kind of guidance, but it often ends up making us concentrating on what we're lacking.

I can't help but to think on Mother's Day after seeing so many young mothers and their kids that I'm like a 12 year old in a car seat. I had thought that at this age I would be getting my own Mother's Days cards.

There are really good things happening this year. I'm getting married to Jeremy very soon. I'm a 39 year old first time bride. (I was always a late bloomer.)

Yeah, I do compare myself. I remember doing it since kindergarten when I noticed other kids had social skills that I didn't. I remember in the first grade looking at other girls and think, "If only I were her." Then I continued the thought and realized that if I actually could become this other girl then I wouldn't have the family and relatives that I had. And I thought, oh no, that won't do. I'm not trading my parents/brothers/cousins/aunts/uncles." And so I thought, okay, I'll be myself.

I'll continue with that thought.

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