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Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Babies

Yesterday, my second nephew came into this world, joining his older brother. For any of you who think, eek, Friday the 13th, well, my twin brother, Bill (baby's father), and I were born on a Friday the 13th so we think it's a mighty fine day.

Welcome, Baby. I'm happy to be your Auntie. :)

Not quite on the same level, I had a new baby of my own this week, that is, a new short film, ApPEZment. This film was really more an exercise. It's something I did for the Broad Humor Film Festival. Sally's Dream House is screening there this year (actually tomorrow), but they also have what they call the "Legacy Project". It's for alumnae of Broad Humor, and since I had films in the festival for the first two years, I'm an alumna. The project is kind like a 48 hour film project (except you could have been working on it for months) in that you make a film under 5 minutes with the criteria that they give you. This year the criteria was that you had to have the French language and Pez in the film.

Pez from the film ApPEZment

I wasn't going to do this project. I felt I had way too much on my plate. And I was already a part of the festival since Sally's was screening in it.

But about 10 or 11 days ago, I called Susan to work out a little confusion I had over something (which turned out not to be a big deal). Susan said, "Hey, are you going to do a Pez film?" I said that I thought it was too late. She replied, "No, as long as you get it in before the festival. You can shoot something this weekend!"

And I went, "OKAY!"

Then I thought, oh gosh, what did I get myself into. I didn't have the free-est schedule the rest of the week. And on Sunday night I was going to be attending the Baker Street Film Maker's Showcase at Quincy Market where I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich was playing.

Friday evening I sat down and wrote the script. It took me a little over an hour. Since there was no time I decided I would be acting in it, along with my brother, Stephen. We, meaning Jeremy and I, didn't have time to borrow a better camera so we were going to shoot it on my 1 chip.

I wrote the script about a brother and sister having a political disagreement over the phone. It ends with them making peace. So Jeremy filmed some of my stuff in Maine on Saturday and then Stephen's (and the rest of mine) in Arlington on Sunday. I then squeezed in editing on nights during the week. My deadline ended up being 11pm on Thursday when I would upload the film on my .mac account and have Susan download it from there.

I got her the film around midnight. I didn't even get to adjust the sound levels nor did I add any music (and there's a place where music would REALLY come in handy). I just had to send her what I had. And since this film was not good enough quality to send to other festivals and was good only for this year's Broad Humor fest, I was determined to at least get it in to her, whatever state it was in.

I normally would think, ugh, why do another film if it's not going to go anywhere? But I started and finished it within a week. I found it great just to get a kick on the butt and create something. There is value that. So I thank Susan for kind of making me do it.

And it was cool to finally work with Stephen on a film.

Stephen Radochia
Stephen Radochia's big sister

Alright, enough on this. I want to go see my new nephew.

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