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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Check out Mario in Everybody Wants to Be Italian

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

I first met my friend , P.J. Marino, 12 years ago when we were both acting in a local feature film, Bender. Well, actually we met sometime before that on an audition, but we didn't really know each other until the film. Soon after we worked together, I moved to New York and P.J. moved to Los Angeles. Of course I was in New York for only a couple of years and soon joined P.J. and other Bender alumna in LA. Actually some of my best times in LA involved hanging out with the Bender crew.

You probably recognize P.J.'s face. He's guest starred on countless TV shows and has been in several independent films and commericals. Remember the Coors ad a few years ago with Kid Rock, where his sound engineer, before partying with him, tells him he has to be home early? Kid Rock takes him out all night getting him home early in the morning where the guy finds his angry wife on the doorstep. That guy was P.J.

Now P.J. has a decent role in an upcoming feature film, Everybody Wants to Be Italian, coming to local theaters on September 5th. The movie is set in Boston and P.J. has a supporting role in it. Check out the movie's website for more information. And check out the clip above, too. These are 5 mock commercials by P.J.'s character in the movie, Mario. Funny stuff -- I particularly love the one where he's a life coach.

I'm happy to see P.J. do so well. He's always been a good friend. When I had surgery on my deviated septum 9 years ago, P.J. was the one who took me to and from surgery, dragging my anesthetized a** home. He picked up my prescription for me, too. Aww, I'm getting some fuzzies just remembering it. :)

And on top of being a good guy, he's pretty darn funny. Please check out his videos, his myspace page, and check out the film!

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