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Sunday, November 09, 2008

With the Angels

I wanted to take a moment to help promote a new web series, With the Angels, that my friend and star of Happy at Home, Sean Vincent Biggins, is in.

Here's the description of the show (taken from its youtube page):

Former Lonelygirl15 writer Mary Feuer tells the fish-out-of-water story of Taffy Simpson, a small-town Arkansas girl swimming in the freak-infested waters of Venice, California.

The series stars Jamie Tisdale as Taffy, whom I find absolutely adorable. Usually I find that actors portraying southern characters come off as fake and one dimensional but I find Tisdale's performance very honest and real. Sean plays Trey, a Hollywood writer who is a neighbor of Taffy's. Sean, well, he's always a pro.

If you don't have much of an attention span, well, these episodes are anywhere from under a minute to seven and a half minutes. I hope you'll check them out!

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The 80s

Jeremy and I finally saw "American Psycho" last night. We loved the movie, but after watching some of the DVD special features, we were annoyed by the message that the 80s were run by selfish, shallow people who made money doing nothing. It represented more how East Village artists viewed the 80s than how it really was. I think people who were clubbing in New York in the 80s don't necessarily have (and actually, most likely don't) a more objective point of view than the rest of America.

I'm just tired of people thinking that money is bad and that anyone who has it didn't earn it. Sure, some people are born rich, were handed down money and can be downright spoiled, but most people who have money actually worked for it. And if they didn't earn it themselves, as long as it wasn't obtained legally or unethically, well, then, it's none of my business. Look, I don't have much money, myself, but I can't be bothered being jealous of rich people. Spending energy hating them doesn't make my own bank account any bigger. Instead, my husband and I are just plugging away trying to fulfill our own dreams, doing what we can to earn our own money, and not looking for other people to be forced to give it to us.

I think this mentality is actually what has helped me make all my films. I never thought that anyone owed me anything in getting my films done. Now, I've looked at other people who have been handed money to get their films made and I think, well, if they can get the money from someone else, good for them. (The only thing that bothers me is if someone pretends that they funded it all on their own.) It's not their problem that I've had to fund my films on my own and have yet to afford a high end production. But I've been fortunate to have a husband who has helped me in many ways as well as have many other people who have stepped up to contribute their talents as well. Not to mention that Dad bought lunch for the cast and crew when we filmed I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich. Whatever people want to help me with, I just make sure that I do my best to make them happy in return, so that they feel good in helping me out!

My point is, I took on my films as my complete responsibility, and that whatever other people did to help me out was a gift, which drove me to do the right thing by everyone and make sure that they saw a return in the work they put in for me.

But back to the 80s -- in this decade of "greed", charitable contributions including corporate giving, were way up. So with more money, more donations to charity are made -- hmmmm. Oh, maybe I've giving away some of my political beliefs, but this is just a little food for thought, folks... (Keep in mind, I didn't always think this way.)

Now, at the time, I really didn't have much awareness of anything outside my world, because, for most of it I was a teenager, spending most of my thoughts on boys, theater, school, and dancing to the latest songs by Madonna, Kool and the Gang and the Pointer Sisters.

I was a total dancing fool. And "Dare Me" was one of my favorite songs. So when I came across the video on the MTV website, I just had to post it.

Hey, the 80s were fun. Really. OK, whatever your views are, I just hope that you'll play the video and do a little dance for me -- or for you.

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