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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sandwich's Zele a Hit in Mall Cop & more...

I'm always happy when anyone who acted in one of my films moves on and up to bigger and better things.

Zele Avradopolous, who played Claudia, the pushy HR woman in I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich is getting quite a name for herself as the feisty Victoria's Secret shopper in Paul Blart: Mall Cop who beats up Kevin James' character.

As we know, there have been a lot more Hollywood films done in the Boston area and that often provides local actors opportunities to get supporting and day player roles. So while, Zele may not be the first local actor to get an opportunity in a major feature film, she seems to be making more of a stir than the other have, after all, I haven't known of any other local actors having a Boston Globe article written only about them! I was quite excited to this article on Zele in last Saturday's paper. Be sure to check it out!

Note that the article also mentions Zele's organizing business, ZOrganize. Ahh, if I ever make more money I may need to hire her. I'm sure she's great at this, after all, she had a very professional and organized approach to working on Sandwich. When I worked with Zele I found her to be very honest and communicative -- and also a lot of fun!

And for the "more" part of this post, I was tickled today to receive a Google alert linking to an article in a Cook County (Illlinois) paper that mentioned Eddie's Winning Date among six football themed films to watch to gear up for the big game on Sunday. Bob Bong mentioned Eddie's in today's Southtown Star alongside major films such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Eddie's has played in a two film festivals in Illinois -- Lake County Film Festival and Route 66 Film Festival, so I assume that's how Mr. Bong knows about it.

So, please check it out! The article does say that I also starred in the film as well as write and direct it. I sent an email to correct the part about my starring in it. The only acting I did in Eddie's was a one line voice over. Actually, it was only two words.

Anyway, it was just nice to have this mention in a newspaper article. After all Eddie's Winning Date was making it's major festival run about three years ago, although it did have screenings going up until last April. So when someone else brings it up somewhere, you feel like you breathed enough life into it to give it its own.

So thanks to Bob Bong and congratulations to Zele for her success in Mall Cop!

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