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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Eddie's Sitings

Or should it be “Websightings”? OK, neither is really an impressive pun, but I had to try.

So, it's that time of year again – Super Bowl time. The Patriots aren't in it but I've gotten just a wee bit of consolation in that my Patriot-themed film, “Eddie's Winning Date”, has popped up in another online article about Super Bowl movies, “Movies about the Super Bowl”. It's a short article that only briefly describes a few films, but it tickles me to know that it was on some writer's radar to garner a mention.

Oh, FYI, search engines, that's, “New England Patriots”. Not that this post will come anywhere near page one million for those searching just those words. But for any searches including an “Eddie's”, “Super Bowl film”, or a “Radochia” (sure), then this post might pop up closer to a fewer figured number.

Yes, I think about making my posts, as well as my films, easy to find on the internet. If someone searches “Eddie's Winning Date” or “Jimmy's House of Hugs”, the search results will be only those about my films. “I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich” and “Sally's Dream House” will bring up other results, but most of them, including the top ones, will be about the films. I have Google alerts for all of these films (and also one for my name), so that I will find out if they, or I have appeared on another website. Sometimes I just wonder if I've been up to anything lately...

So, I got a Google alert about the article and went to check it out, assuming this article, by Bob Bong, that was re-emerging online:
It wasn't. It turned out to be a new one by Toby Welch. Yay, Eddie's made it to another Super Bowl film list.

The next day, I wanted to find the article again, so instead of bringing up the email, I did a web search on “Eddie's Winning Date” and “Super Bowl”.  I was scrolling through the pages of results when “the favorite was Eddie's Winning Date” caught my eye. Wait a second. Favorite? Eddie's had won a few awards (okay, four), but they were all juried awards. It had not won an audience award.

I clicked on the link and found it was a page for the Twinsburg Library in Ohio and on it was a report of the Twini Mini Festival in March, 2007. I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich screened at the same festival in 2008 and was voted the crowd favorite. They had gotten Sandwich from the Ohio Independent Film Festival where it screened in 2008 and Eddie's Winning Date had screened in 2006. (See old post on my weekend in Cleveland.)

I don't know how I never knew about this before but I was quite pleased to discover that this was a good sized crowd, and that they voted for Eddie's, making it two years in a row my films won at this event. (Thank you, Twinsburg, Ohio!) Plus, I wasn't even there to charm them into voting for me.I'm not delusional. I know this is no Oscar or Golden Globe. And I know that the online article probably won't get a ton of traffic. (Though it did get more “Like”s than I would have expected.) What I enjoy is that years after I've stopped submitting Eddie's to festivals, and years after spending much energy further promoting it (other than uploading it online) that I'm finding new things about it, whether it's winning an audience vote or that it's listed among big Hollywood films. I put so much time, sweat and my hard-earned money into this film. To see that it still has even the slightest momentum right now is just kind of fun.

I love how the internet can connect things so easily. I love helping those connections. And now, to connect to other things about Eddie's Winning Date, here are some links:

Watch Eddie's Winning Date:

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