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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come on, who doesn't want to do a table reading for my play?

So I'm planning a table reading for Jimmy's House of Hugs: The Play and am trying to find 11 actors to read the 28 roles -- and stage directions. It is so not the same thing as casting a film. Because actors want to do films. They like getting copy for their reel, they like having the credit for their resume, they like that they'll have an audience, and an IMDB credit.

But there isn't even a "Table Readings" category on actors' resumes. And if there were, who would care?

On top of everything, I'm planning the reading for two days on a weekend (June 25th & 26th) because the play is about 200 pages. Who wants to hand their weekend over to a table reading? I wish I could pay people well, but all I can offer at this time is $10 for each day, basically to cover transportation expenses, because I think that no actor should have to have money come out of his/her pocket to do a favor for me.

I also don't want to be in the position to beg people. Because I want people who want to be there. I'm just hoping I'll find actors who find value in reading a new play by a (gulp) first-time playwright.

All I can say, in my very humble opinion, is that the play is fun. So I hope that I'll get some good actors who will take a chance and hand themselves over to me for a few hours on each day. I'll be gentle, I promise. Hugs and brownies (or something of that sort) included.


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