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Monday, April 02, 2012

New Post

Well, hasn't my posting frequency gone down. So has my writing ability. My blog writing ability, I mean. But I've had fewer reasons to write on here. I've used Facebook to share most updates and whenever I do get to write I plug away at my scripts.

What I put on this blog anyone can see whereas on Facebook it's just a few hundred. But in reality whatever I post on here is seen by very few, because who knows or even wants to come here? This has become a quieter place for me to type a few words.

I don't like to talk about my personal life right out in the open here so I'm not going to explain why I haven't filmed anything in five years -- well, actually less than four, but I barely count the quickie film I threw together with my brother. It's not that I'm so secretive in person -- it's just that I don't feel this is the forum for that.

I'll just say that I have been writing, and since the table reading for "Jimmy's" last year, I completed two more short screenplays, one of which was a finalist in the Broad Humor Film Festival screenplay competition. I had to put "Jimmy's House of Hugs" (the play) aside for a while and I'm just starting to work on that again.

OK, this was not the most fascinating read, so I'll post a couple of pics from that reading several months ago. Pics with smiling people, hoping to get you to believe that the actors had a good time. Really they did. Before I bored them.

Harry McEnerny, Matt Rouillard, Alyce Householter

Casey Preston, Scarlett Redmond, Stephen Radochia

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