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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Little Lost

Poster by Rose Kowalski

I've been working on a post about the making of "Little Pen Lost" and have been feeling kind of "eh" about it.  It's not that I don't have anything to say and not that I didn't enjoy the experience or love working with everyone.  But it's not like I feel like I really made a filmy-film.  I felt like I wrote and filmed a skit with really talented actors in it.  It serves well as a showcase for them.

The exception to the talented actors would be myself.  I had to act in it, because of a last minute drop out.  I think highly of the work Alison Wachtler, Zele Avradopoulos and Julio Robles in this film but but my comments above had nothing to do with my own acting.

Oh, and there's other kind of talent showcased in the film as well (music, cinematography and something else).  The only issues I have with anything around it is myself.

Actually, it isn't even the film -- it's where I am creatively.  Before doing the film I was working on a lot of scripts, many featurette to feature length.  I was feeling good about finishing some drafts and felt that I needed to keep working on those.  I was concerned that if I filmed something it would keep me away from writing.

I was right.  I haven't been able to do get back into writing that much.  But I'm still glad I did the film.   Really.  I needed that experience because if I get back into making longer films again (and by longer I mean 15 minutes even) I'm not going to feel good with 2007 being the last time I did any kind of real film production.  It just feels better to have done something more recently and to have worked on my directing skills.

So I did the film and it's gotten in some festivals (and won an award, too).  I'm really happy about that.  And in a way it's nice to feel like I did what I wanted to do with it and soon I'll put it online.  But I think it's thrown me for a loop with writing.  Or maybe I was entering that loop anyway and I needed the film to keep me creative.  Either way, I'm still in a weird place with my other scripts, not sure what to focus on.

I think I'm feeling "eh" about this post, too.  But I'll publish it.  (You can see I did.)  I'm just recording where I am.  At some point I hope my recorder tunes back towards a creative stream.  And maybe writing this will help me to.

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