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Sunday, July 19, 2015


I'm having difficulty sorting my thoughts. And since I have a blog with pretty much only -bot readers, I can use this as a scratch pad. (If you are not a "-bot" of any kind then please don't take that comment as a diss, as I welcome and appreciate a true human visiting my blog.)

So here's some random stuff:

LinkedIn -- I made a post about how I accept invitations from only people I know as I thought it was better to have connections that could account for me in some way or another. But I gave up on being ideal as I felt it was making me look like a jerk. I realized one does not take LinkedIn seriously anyhow. And it's not like I've made my profile completely professional looking. So I accept it as just a networking thing.

After my change of mind, I went through my invitations, many of which had been there for years, and tried to accept all of the real ones. I could accept about only ten of them. The rest of them wouldn't work and then I lost the invitations. So if you sent me one and think I rejected you, that wasn't me. Feel free to send a new request.

New England Patriots -- Yes, time for me to finally make some more comments about my favorite team! Deflategate is stupid, OK? I'm not going to spend a lot of energy arguing whether Tom Brady might have done something technically against the rules or not. But I think it's idiotic to believe he did anything to cheat the game and gain an unfair advantage. It's obvious some people (like *refs*) were over-inflating his footballs (you know, to over 16) and he wanted to make sure that didn't happen, because, well, then that would be cheating the Patriots. So maybe that led to something that was technically wrong by taking some pressure out if the refs overinflated them. But there's nothing at all that shows he wanted them under 12.5 psi. Nothing. (And actually nothing that shows that any rules were broken by the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, itself, which is what the case is about. Except that guy shouldn't have made the bathroom stop with them balls.)

And Spygate was stupid, too.

Facebook stuff -- ugh, can I just see people's photos and personal stories?  Tired of narrow minded views about groups of people (coming from different sides).  So many people post stuff attacking their "opponents" instead of trying to have a discussion. Do you think people listen to you when you put them down?

And I'm starting to think that Bernie Sanders must just be a drinking game. Seems like excessive posting about him. Am I supposed to drink every time? If so I must stay off. I'm a total lightweight.

My Film/Screenplay stuff -- Yeah, I have nothing to say about that now. This is why this post is about other things.

Philosophy -- (Why not wind it up with a subject in which a degree in will get you nowhere? ) I'm beginning to think this "free will" thing is fake.

Yeah, deep.

Like what I've had on TV as I've written this post.

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